Monday, November 14, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday:Seoul International Airport Play Area


I love how Seoul International Airport maintained their vicinity. Aside from the fact that it is huge, it is also very clean and entertaining for travelers who have long waits for their next flight. I always loved it whenever I travel going to the Philippines and have a stopover in South Korea for you will never be bored at the airport. 

They have several stores inside which for me is pretty much like a mall, a free wifi connection for those who have their laptops or if they don't, travelers can just go to their wifi zone and have a free use of their computers. And as for the kids? Wow they got the best play area they can ever be. Photos below are proof how clean and nice the area is. You cannot even tell it's in the airport. 

Unlike the Philippines, they collect a freaking and choking travel tax every time you leave their airport yet you won't see any progress there. The airport is small and kind of dirty. They don't even have a toilet paper in some toilets ewwwwww! It's sad to know I am not praising my own country but IT'S THE FACT!

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