Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still Tired

Been sleeping like a baby especially during the night although I wake up occasionally to attend the baby yet I am still very tired. I wished I could stay longer than 12 hours in bed to make up the lost sleep I have had while in the Philippines.

We will have a group of people coming over tomorrow morning and I am wondering how am I going to wake up as early as 8 or 9? I don't want them knocking on our door that early but they need to come here and do our kitchen. Today I am hoping to get a short nap at least so I won't be too late getting up tomorrow. Geezzz that seems so impossible, I mean taking a nap today because I still have so many things need to finish today. One example is emptying all our kitchen cabinets getting them ready for tomorrow's activity. Soon we will have our new remodeled kitchen and I tell you IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!

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