Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not Having A Good Sleep

Good morning everyone.How's your day so far? Me? I just got up,it's kinda late than my usual waking time but I needed to stay in bed a little bit more because I was not getting enough sleep that I deserve.Baby was all fussy all night,making me awake from time to time.

I was kinda pissed because just when I start my dream then she wakes up and makes a lot of noise.I don't know why.I thought that she is getting better at sleeping at night.

1 comment:

Baby Boy said...

Jadyn, you have to be good girl!

Why do you keep your Mummy awake last night? Hmmmm, naughty-naughty lil girl. I will spank you!

Babyboy don't want a naughty girl even how cute you may think, hehehehehe.

Joking, babyboy is visiting the Sanborn's beautiful princess here.

Thats a good girl Jadyn, keep your Mumm awake! I like that (wink).


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