Thursday, March 13, 2008

Japanese Garden Tomorrow

I am very anxious to go to the Japanese Garden tomorrow as what lalabs said earlier.I have been there once last Spring of '07 and I have always been wanting to go back there but we just had no time for it.We've been so busy that's why.

Good thing lalabs asked me if I want to go to the Japanese Garden tomorrow because I totally forgotten about it now that I have a baby.Since the temperature is awesome,I did not hesitate to answer him with a big YES right away.With a baby,surely our visit to that nicely made landscape will be so much fun. He said that there is a butterfly sanctuary there and they release a group of butterflies and you can walk with them.Imagine how pretty it can make in the picture? Butterflies flying around with mom and a baby.Wow! Can't wait for tomorrow to come!

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IRENE said...

Thank you for stopping by for WW. You have a beautiful bloggy home. I wish you and your young family every happiness.


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