Sunday, March 16, 2008

She's So Rude

How do you feel if you are eating yummy foods with a big appetite eating your favorite dish while watching your favorite show and dog suddenly rub her butt against the floor right in front of you? You know the signal is that she is going to poop any moment and that is exactly what happened to us last night. Lalabs and I were both eating in front of the t.v because we finished watching the movie we had the other night when our very good rude dog poop in the corner of the living room.Then drag herself in the center of the place right in front of us and hmm..

I was so pissed and really wala na ganahi ni kaon! I stomped my feet many times to stop and yes I succeeded.Poor lalabs because he had to get up and fix the mess that Chichai made.It was so yucky and lalabs did not mind cleaning up the poop to think that he stop eating only to clean the brrrrrrr...


Carrie Smith said...

Back from vacation and getting some blog hopping done :0)
I just wanted to say hi, I didn't want you to think that I forgot about you !

take care

Anonymous said...

that might also be a sign of worms


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