Thursday, March 13, 2008

It feels Like Weekend

...feels like it's Saturday today because my husband is here.He's gonna be at home until Saturday,off for 3 days. I like it when he's around me here because I can get to open my mouth to talk.It's such a beautiful day and so nice to be outside but I don't know what's his plan for today.I hope that we'll go somewhere away from the house because I am very tired of looking and memorizing each corner of this very cute house.

I want to see big group of people,nice stuff,nice food or whatever to please my eyes. We will see where my husband gonna bring me though.For now,I need to be off from the computer,bathing time for my precious girl,Jadyn.You guys have a nice day and enjoy blogging.

1 comment:

hopn2 said...

What a great blog. My name is Rick. If you wish you can email me a Again, thank you for your blog. God Bless You and Your family and friends.


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