Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hair Loss

Many say that babies losing their hair is just normal.I agree with that.But being a mother,I can't help myself from worrying of my own baby having a bald spot at the back of her head now. Each time I lay her down whether in bed or in her papasan--baby vibrator,I could see lots of hairstrands where she was.

Worse is that,I cannot even help it from falling.There is really really alot of small and fine hairstrands everywhere.Poor baby,losing his hair making her look like a 50-year old bald man.Attached is a photo of back of her head taken weeks ago.

this was her head 2 weeks her head has already a big bald spot exactly in the area shown in these photos.


Ivy Sterling said...

Hello inday Jadyn tell ur mommy dont wory too much kay mas worse pa ang ulo ni tito Joe ana, hikhik bitaw oi basin imoha na cge shampohan si inday? basin mao na ng larot? pero infairness ha daghan man lagi na sya buhok kay sa uban niya pic na mura wlay buhok gyud... niways hAPPY 2 months birthday baby jadyn for tomorrow..yeheeey big na kaayo ka mag 2 months naka ugma march 16.

♥ ChaLyza ♥ said...

oi sis..ganun talaga ang baby, hayaan mo Jadyn's hair will go back to normal when she is 6 to 7 months old ata un..heheh...ganda nya nohh..cutie pa..

miss_moneymaker said...

I know its hard not to worry when its your baby but trust me its normal. I had 5 babies and they all had that bald spot on the back of their head from laying on it. They are all big now and none of them have bald spots.
If it really bothers you talk to your Dr. I'm sure they will also reassure you that its normal.


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