Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord for I am so blessed with everything.I am living the exact life I dreamed 8 years ago.This is it and I am very happy with my life right now.Oh,I have a very good husband,a beautiful child, a life that is easy yet complicated and most of all opps to do.

Yes,I have been getting fair opps lately,not much but enough to make a few bucks and very content with it for now.I keep getting opps from the other site for this blog which I like because it adds up to my savings in paypal.Hopefully,I can have our poor house finished in few weeks time,cross fingers for that.

Not the classy house as many of you think when having a foreigner husband,no ours is just an ordinary house that my family needs,for them not to suffer from wet floor and roof dripping when it's raining. Also my father has stopped his driving because he is ill.He's maintaining a 300 peso medication a day.Yawar kadaku asa ka manangkong ana? All I can do to help them is send them some money to help their finances.

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