Monday, March 24, 2008

gay rehab

Being gay is not bad at all.That is my own opinion.Some men think that they are gay because they choose to be gay.They act like one,they dress like gay and therefore they feel feminine.They tend to tell you there is a female soul inside them trapped in a male's body.

I am open to befriending gays.In fact,I had 2 friends in the Philippines who are gay.They are fun to be with and there is no dull moment when we are together because they are just plain funny.One of them in my knowledge got hooked to what we call meth,a white powdery substance that they inhale through the use of a lighter and foil.I do not know how it's done but that's what they say. If only I can save my friend and get an Addiction Treatment then I would recommend him to try looking for a place that is exclusive for gays like him.

I found this website,it is a website that is clinically recognized drug rehab committed to the LGBT community.Here,is the perfect place for gays because they understand addiction treatment for gay community.They provide drug rehab and Addiction Treatment for people of alternative lifestyles in a calm and comfortable environment suited to dealing with all of the social aspects of addiction as it concerns the LGBT community.

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nathan harris said...

if you need drug rehab you should get into a drug rehab that will work for you


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