Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Funny Baby

My baby is really funny.Hehehe she makes me laugh sometimes when she let her gas out by farting.She's the only baby I've known so far that detonates her bomb real loud to the extent of shocking herself..lol.

Even her dad cannot believe how a big bomb detonator she is because you can hear it even if you're in the other room.When she does that I only laugh out loud because can't help myself! You know,like mother,like daughter and I don't blame her for that.It's good that she farts though to make herself feel better.

We women in this house are very much opposite to the only man here,my husband..I never hear him farting in front of me intentionally,maybe accidentally yes.Unlike me,loves teasing him by farting and farting a lot.This is a gross entry but I just think its funny.

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