Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Not A Gold Digger

You Are Not a Gold Digger

You go out of your way to take care of everything in your life.

Including money - which you've got plenty of, thank you very much.

And you have no intentions of being a trophy girlfriend for some bald guy.

Just make sure that hottie you met isn't scheming to be your boy toy!

As a successful woman like you knows, gold digging goes both ways these days.

I know exactly what I want in life.I may not be a successful woman in terms of career and money but I do have the greatest treasures in life,my husband,my marriage,my baby and also a very good life everyone wish for. When I was still searching for a possible lifetime mate,I would take into consideration a guy's job,if he is stable and that can afford to make a family with me. An average guy that is,is what I ever wanted.Not dreaming of a richy rich sugar daddy only to make money out of him.Too thankful to have found such a perfect person to live with forever.

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