Monday, March 10, 2008

hair transplant

Pregnancy has brought many advantages in me.First is that,it allowed me to gain a few pounds which I like for I am tired of being too skinny.Then secondly is that it made my hair stronger and thicker because of the hormones that worked on my body.I noticed it in my few months of pregnancy that my hair started to grow thicker and simply hormones strengthen every hair strand I have.So bye bye falling hair. Speaking of hair,are you suffering from losing your hair? Do you have bald spots and want to cover it? Ever thought of having a hair transplant? If so,Dr. Shapiro does hair transplants for men & women in Florida. Yes,he does it all and ease all your worries.Get back to your young self by getting a hair transplant,it is important to keep your crowning glory beautiful nice and pretty so people would be attracted to you.

Why not visit his interesting website now to get an info about what can contribute to hair loss - nutritionally - many folks interested in weight loss or muscle building are actually contributing to their hair loss because of the supplements they are taking. See the FAQ for more info on that.

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