Tuesday, March 25, 2008

currency news

I am aware of what is happening in a current situation of dollar exchange rates.I have been sending money to the Philippines and it disappoint me each time my family can only receive too little while in fact I send quite a bit of dollar here.It is always good though to keep watch of what is going in the money market so we will know when the exchange rates of dollars will go up again.For daily or monthly informationdo try to visit this website www.currencyconverter.co.uk to read on Currency / Business News.Here,you can follow the current monitary news for everything is updated promptly.

I just wish that the crisis that our country is suffering will be over so there will be no more hunger,robbery and so on and so forth.I cannot believe that the value of dollar is as low as what is the current exchange.The lowest in history since I have known and received dollars in my life.Not good and I am kind of chuckled about this.There is nothing I can do to make it better but try my best to make some money as much as I can.

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