Monday, March 31, 2008

donate my boat

Having everything I need and surrounded by love are just one of the many blessings I should be thankful for. I have a very responsible husband that provides my needs as well as my baby.I am very fortunate to have been blessed by God.

Oh well,that is how I describe my life.If only every person in this world should appreciate the gift of life they have.I don't understand why some parents get impregnated and when they have children they just ignore them.Speaking of children,let us help to join their Donate My Boat program so we can help those unfortunate lost children. Every boat you donate means so much to them.This is done by Angel Ministries is the root of boatAngel, they use boat donations to create children''s animations and anti-drug documentaries. At you can preview several of the positive media produced by their ministry instead of (like most donation firms) the salaries produced for those who work there. (positive children''s animations), (anti-drug documentaries) and (teen boys rehabilitation homes), and uplifting books into prisons are just a few of the worthy things we do.

Let us set examples to those who have fallen,give them hope through Donate My Boat,this way you are not throwing away your old boat but help those mentioned charities and NGOs keep running for the goodness of the society. If you know anyone that is willing to be of helping hand,just refer them this link that I have above.Help save children.Touch lives by your warm love.

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