Friday, March 28, 2008

What You Love The Most About Your Husband/Partner

Wow interesting thing to do from Francine.I love memes like this because I can brag some of my husband's nice qualities as a person hekhekhek..conceited? Di no?
  1. I love my husband exactly as he is why? He's the smartest and broad-minded person I've ever known in my whole life.
  2. Very responsible husband and dad.He never failed to skip a single responsibility/obligation in this house especially bringing his family to medical/dental appointments.
  3. Handsome/humot bugan/humot ilok-- he is good at spreading his sex pheromones at me that makes me stick to him and smell those parts where I find very delicious hekhekhek.oh don't be dirty minded..kaw ha?
  4. Most important characteristic of him is that his devotion and dedication to me.Grabi! Hanep! Wala akong masabi.
  5. He's always been a good lover that makes me wanna go ohh ohh ahh ahh!! You know what I mean?

Since I find it cool,I wanna hear you out guys.Time to speak out why you love your husband.Passing this to Rea,Analyn,Ivy,Twerlyn,Darlene,Ritchella,Annie, Rose,Laura and Marie Sweet Lullaby.Do it para way sumbag sa dila! Jowk!


Lerlyn said...

hehe salamat ani Anne!akoa ning buhaton karon dayon=)

vinkoy said...

hala taga Lapu-Lapu, Cebu ka? naa dra ng puyo akong lola.. Dela Cerna ang apilyedo.. hehe. basi kaila ka..

Ritchiela said...

oy salamat wa pa mapan-os ni ako nakit-an.salamat ani ha kay maka-update na gyud twn ko sa kong blog.haha


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