Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feel like I have cleft palete

We just got home from the dentist today and I am glad I am done with my business there at the dentist's office.It is always a troublesome for me each time I visit there because teeth jobs are never easy. I just don't like the feeling when they start working in my mouth.

And today, I received 2 injections in my gums for numbing so they can work in my cavities that formed in front of my teeth and one way back. Yikes, I didn't like the needle being injected just so darn painful. I'd rather have it injected in my arms rather than in my mouth.

Until now,I still have the numbing sensation in my left upper left and it feels like I have a cleft palete. The nurse said it is going to feel like this up to 3 hours.. naks..tomas!

I am glad and thankful though because I now have my teeth fixed slowly. Next visit will be checking of my gums where they put antibiotic so I totally get healed of the periodontal disease.
Sooner, they gonna do skin grafting...much more painful than any other mouth jobs.

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