Monday, July 23, 2007

Quite a challenge

Yes,it is very true to say it is giving me quite a challenge knowing that there are lotta opps posted on PPP right now and cannot grab them all. My eyes just simply go big when I refresh the page and there are already gray opps.It is amazing at how fast people can be to get atleast one opp for them to post.

KNow what? I am getting hungry now,it is 12:30 and I have not taken my breakfast yet. I choose to sit here and wait for more opps for me. I just wish that they continue giving us 10 bucks payout each or else I will have to grab the ones that are lower rates.

What scares me the most is when I will be able to grab one more 10 opp and it will say "You have reached the maximum posts for today" errrrrrrrwwwwwwwww pls Lord,I don't want that to happen yet.

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