Monday, July 2, 2007

The Sweetest words From Lil Bro.

This post is kind of late because it happened last Friday night when I called the Philippines.
I learned that little my brother is very fond of somebody who just moved in the other house next to our house in the Philippines. Each time we talk on the phone he would never forget to mention a certain girl named Ate Che-che.

I am kind of jealous though because I feel like she found another Ate through this young woman and I cannot be there with him. And so I told him this, Adong I am no longer your Ate because you have new Ate now. And guess what he said back to me?

He said,no are still my Ate because "MAHAL KITA" and I was amazed...he spoke tagalog and expressed himself by saying the sweetest words a lil brother could every say to his big sissy who is missing him dearly. Hoohohoho I was touched by a lil angel's words really!

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