Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Bad do You Fart?

Farting is fun especially if it is in front of your friends or family for fun. But be careful who you're farting with because it might offend other people. For me,farting is good,it relieves your aching stomach due to gas running inside,gas makes you sick also.

But let me ask you this? do you fart silently or detonating it like a bomb that everyone can hear you when you do it? I usually fart with loud sounds because I often have lots of gas in my stomach. No harm though,it's not deadly and doesn't stink.

I tell you,beware those who fart silently because,the more they are silent,the deadliest the farts are hehehe...funny huh! It is fine with me if you fart in front of me
as long as you warn me about it. No offense folks!

1 comment:

Annie said...

hahahha grabe katawa naku day oi, pati si TOny tawa pud ayo kay ako na gipabasa sa iya. Hahahahah murag ako gyud na da hahahhahaha


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