Tuesday, July 17, 2007

25 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

Enjoy the last lingering days of summer with your partner during one of these great summer dates!

Enjoy an outing of horseback riding in a scenic spot.

Share a romantic picnic for two.

Spend private time together during a camping trip.

Go for a boat ride on a lake.

Share a romantic dinner on the beach.

Take a moonlit stroll.

Spend the day at an amusement park.

Visit a county fair.

Talk over iced coffees at your favorite café.

Spend the day window shopping together.

Visit your local wineries for a day of wine tasting.

Swim under a waterfall.

Share a sunset dinner anywhere.

Spend the day playing at the park.

Go on a nature hike together.

Enjoy the Jacuzzi by candlelight.

Go on a day trip and visit a nearby town.

Play a game of miniature golf.

Have fun in the pool together.

Share a sunrise picnic.

Enjoy a concert in the park together.

Have a romantic dinner aboard a train.

Watch a favorite sports team play live.

Enjoy dancing outside to a live band.

Go to a local farmer's market, or even better visit a local farm

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