Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I am a wife who does not work but taking care of the house. Doing the things what need to be done and make sure that hubby's needs are met. With that being said, I still feel no use at all because he is out there,working hard to support his newly built family and I am not helping anything at all when it comes to finances.

And last night, he called me around 10:00 to inform me that he will be hours late coming home because by that time he called he still gonna take the woman to jail accused of felony and stealing checks. My husband normally comes home at 10:15 at the most but last night wasn't nice for him. It took him 3 hours OT to get his work complete. Surely, making a police report of that serious crime he dealt last with is truly a pain in his ass.

So finally,1 o'clock in the morning he arrived and still managed to stay in his composure even though he looked rugged and very tired. I am just thankful for that because I is always a nice man even tough times come.

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