Friday, July 20, 2007

Remembering my old friends

I missed them so much.They were my classmates in caregiving course last 2005.And last time I visited the Philippines I wasn't able seeing anyone of them because I was kinda busy doing my thing. The other gal is already in Taiwan and we only chat so rarely because she's busy working.

Pictures attached are the pics that we took before I left here in US for the first time. We went picking up shells in Opon for fun. I was wearing white and it was muddy all over trying to pinch the shells that dipped in a mud.So when we were done my white blouse and shorts turned out to be brown and guess, they remain brown forever. Poor thing.

Haaay I missed the bonding I had with old friends.I have new friends now but of course being with old folks is a different feeling.

Why do people come and go in your life? Why can't they stay for good?

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