Friday, July 20, 2007


I don't skip a meal not having a ginamos with it. It seems not complete without ginamos,haller kalami baya. WIth its dark una like a mud and very delicious odor,I just can't resist to it. I told myself once that I only eat ginamos once a day but grrrr it's calling me each time I go to the kitchen and get my food.

This morning I had it again,I was so hungry that I had to move and prepare my meal so fast. Because of negligence I did not there's one drop of ginamos' una in my dress. When I sit in the computer I was like a dog sniffing where the hell is the smell coming from.

To tell you,it doesn't smell good at all once it is poured somewhere.It was on my dress gosh I smell like a walking canal.lols... PAGKABAHUAAAAAAA NAMAN JUD SA GINAMOS SA SININA GINOO KO!

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