Monday, July 23, 2007

My older brother got into an accident

Yes,I was able to talk to him on the phone last night telling me that he was in an accident the other night when he and his other 4 barkadas were going to Takan and have some fun.
On their way to Takan,they were driving fast enough to bump to a multicab in front of them who suddenly stopped in the middle of the road without turning his signal on.

He lost control or it was too late for him to hit the brake instead turn the tricycle a little bit away from the cab but still he hit it resulting to broken leg of his barkada who happened to sit in the extension. He is lucky enough to just get a swollen leg but still it caused him money to repair the tricycle. If not,he has no no other means of living for his

That money is supposed to renew his franchise and driver license. He thought he was free and just relaxing for 4 days but he never knew it is going to be used on his leg.

P.S I just heard on TV Patrol World that a baby was born with a fetus inside his belly. Strange huh but the Pedia says it is rare cases that is happening all over the world. The last record was in Chile of '06 that is of the same case.

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Annie said...

Hala day ka kulba ba ana oist


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