Friday, July 27, 2007

0 for 3 days

3 days had passed without me getting an opp to any of the leading money blogging sites. Whatta boring days for me.I felt useless about not being able to let dollars come into my paypal. Could it be my fault that my blog is blogspot and it is often excluded domain in every opp?

And today,when I log in to PPP there were 8 opps already,7 were gray and I only got 1. I just hope they will still post new ones later today to give chance to those who are left behind. I know I complain alot about money making because I really want to have an income,though not much but at least I am making money each passing day.
But in this situation that I can only grab opps rarely,nahhh pasmohan bitok ko ani way pamugas?

1 comment:

Annie said...

Hello day karon pame tawn kaabot didto ko burleston whole day. Mao karon pa gyud ko check diri


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