Thursday, July 5, 2007


I have came across to open the possible sites that could give me open and new opportunities that I can do today. And here it is, I have gotten one so far from a new site that I just joined.

They happen to give me "Just a Thought" website to help you relate with your thoughts about life,lessons, emotions,religion and everything that wrap about daily life Just a Thought is owned by a Singaporean blogger who can give you alot of lessons about life. You only have to read his entries and learn from it.

Sometimes you may wonder why life is so hard to live and why it is very complicated? For some people,they live life to the fullest,others aren't. There are also living with full of miseries that they want fellow human beings be in the trap they are in so to make themselves even. Worst thing is that,they just can't live by themselves and drag someone else's life.

I remember one time when I just got in US, after a few months of arrival here Friendster became one of my most visited sites everyday only to browse pictures of other filipinos who became successful in finding their partners living abroad. I never had in mind that I could meet such a pretty miserable,jealous and insecure woman from across the world.

She sent me ugly comments on my photos trying to hid her real identity but God was so good that He let me discover who she was. So I found out the real her and I was thankful that it happened if not? I will be very blind to continue befriending her online.

So from that experience, I learned alot about trusting people that you do not know.

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