Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy Mom's Day

It's our day today, Mom's Day, that is. My own interpretation of Mother's Day is to relax, spend time with the family especially to the kid/s and have fun together. My day right here is soooo good, quiet and busy. We are not doing anything special nor going out for dinner but we do what we feel like doing as if it is just a normal day. I didn't ask my husband to take me out or buy something like flowers or chocolates either. Before he went for coffee with his buddy at starbucks he actually asked me what he can bring for me when he goes home and I said, bring everything you see along the road lolz. Way klaro! I said that for I was uncertain what I wanted at that time.

But anyway, I keep myself busy by doing the laundry at the same time vacuum all three rooms, the hallway and two closets that took all my energy. I also made me some chicken adobo as a treat. For me, Mother's Day was well spent. I don't need to be treated special you know. Enough for me I have this beautiful family healthy and happy with me on this very day. I just wait for the time to come when my Jadyn is able to greet me and treat me out.

.......this is the yummy dish what I call adobong manok cooked with spices, bay leaves, vinegar, soy sauce and of course chicken meat with bones...

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