Friday, May 14, 2010

Protect Your Belongings

I didn't know that my husband has got too much stuff placed in the attic for years when we were still at a small rental house in El Campo. I found it out when we moved out. We cleaned up the attic and I was stunned when he threw down stuff after stuff inside the trash bags with thick dust. Shortly after we settled in our house now, I opened those bags that were from the attic and guess what I found? A damaged tempur pedic pillow. When he saw it, he couldn't believe what he had done to it.

Well, the pillow has been in the attic for so long that it got damaged due to change of weather over the years. If only he rented a bigger self storage then he could have saved that poor pillow and other things which are supposed to be kept safe. You don't want to risk your belongings, do you? Why be frugal if you can afford to get a decent place to stuff in your important possessions, somewhere it is climate controlled, heated during cold winter days and cooled during hot summer. From then, we learned our lessons not to put our things up in the attic ever again.

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