Saturday, May 1, 2010

She Can't Be Trusted

We used to put a gate to our door near the hallway going to the living room to stop the dog from going to our bedroom. We used to do that when we were still at a rental house. Putting up a gate in every room we don't want our dog to go, it seemed working and it was such a good strategy to be doing.

Anyway, when we first moved in our house we put up the gate but then later on, my husband decided to take it off since we trusted our dog that she won't go beyond the door in the hallway. For months, it has been that gate that stops her from stepping into the carpeted hallway. Although Chichai managed to get on the carpet just few feet away..but that was

We went out for quick grocery shopping only to find some two harden stools in Jadyn's bedroom when we got back. It was my husband who discovered it and I couldn't believe it was doggy's poop. I told him that it could be Jadyn's poop fell off from the diaper when I changed her this morning and I checked it out afterwards..
Guess what? My husband was was doggy's poops! Grrrrr I was so pissed for we trusted her and she broke our trust in her. No matter how trained the doggy is, she found time to poop on the carpet at our baby's room.

Tsk tsk.. that isn't good.. we cannot trust her anymore and next time we leave we make sure that the gate is up before leaving the house. Good thing though those were hard stools so it was easy for me to clean up otherwise the dog will be in big trouble if she has had diarrhea.

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