Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Trip Tomorrow

We are gonna be taking a painstaking 5 hours drive to where my FIL is. We heard that he isn't doing well so we decided to make the trip this weekend which I love. First of course to see him and the baby to see her lolo. Second, to breathe in some air. I've been staying most of my time inside the house so I need a break, a new place perhaps to see or stay for a few days will be good.

I kind of excited for the long trip we are about to take tomorrow, the nice dinner waiting ahead of us down South is what I keep thinking about but before I go on enumerating things I can see tomorrow, let me get myself up here and start packing. I got like three people need to put clothes in the luggage so we all be set for tomorrow's trip. I am like this, when I know we need to get out of the house, I want our stuff be packed ahead of time to make sure I bring all the necessary stuff we need for a short getaway. Hahaha getaway pah, sosyal! Ok, let me end this rambling if you can call it rambling and pack our bags. See you blogs when I get a chance to get online somewhere.

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