Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spacious Guestroom

We are currently in San Antonio, Texas visiting my FIL. He is not in good shape and that worries us. Anytime he can expire, God forgive but that is the reality. He refuses to eat, he is so weak and most of all he is bed ridden.

Last time we were here, he was still able to move and walk. In fact, we took him out for dinner at AFV1 and now he looks helpless. Just sleeping all the time. What a sad story.

Anyways, while waiting for 5 0'clock to visit him again, lemme show you the spacious guestroom we occupy right now. It feels relaxing and nice to have all this space for our baby to roam around. It is a Chinese-themed guestroom which is awesome. Last time, we occupied Texan theme room.
.......... the baby in the living room.
.... the very table in the corner is where I am sitting right now..
.......and two queen beds for us to sleep.. very far from the t.v but it's ok, we're not here to watch t.v.

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