Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Medical Management Courses

When I took my oath to become a US Citizen, the USCIS office showed us a video of the President, Barack Obama saying "In America there is no dream that is impossible". That very line of his is hard to forget and it makes me ponder how lucky I am to have lived in America for almost five years and possibly for the rest of my life. That means, I can have all the opportunities that are open to my door be realized if I work hard to achieve them. Therefore, getting involved or working in a medical field someday wouldn't be impossible? I am so willing to do a search on what is the best field for me to work on someday, for now I have to look at different medical management courses online. But this website I am looking at right now is based in the UK. I am residing in the US but it shouldn't be a problem though for I believe there are still many online schools offer the same thing.

If you know anyone who would like to take these courses or shift courses on medical teaching course and
teach the teacher course and is living in the UK, you should refer him or her these links in this posting so he/she can take a look at it and enroll themselves. All information about their courses are clearly written on their site with corresponding price how much it would cost each course.

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