Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tired Body

Guess I am gonna have my second total body massage soon for I feel so tired and exhausted from yesterday's trip from Kawasan Falls. I feel weak all the time, muscles aching all over and I'm kind of irritable plus the fact that my girl is not eating good lately. I need that total body massage in order for me to feel better so then I will be ready to go for a long trip again visiting my grandmother, cousins and aunties in Davao in two weeks time.

Tomorrow we plan of going to South because my other grandmother (mama's) mother is waiting on me. I am excited, you bet. I bet it's going to be another long day for me and Jadyn! Sigh! It's okay though, I have planned this trip long before I could fly in the Philippines and tomorrow will be the realization of this dream. To visit her and experience the simple way of living I had when I was only a small kid. 

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