Friday, December 17, 2010

Off The Diaper

I am happy of Jadyn's progress, she doesn't need a diaper anymore or at least during the day. If she wants to relieve herself, she'd tell me saying "Mommy gonna pee towit (toilet). Last night I didn't put her diaper on and she did it successfully I mean there was no leak nor she peed in the bed. This is what I have been wanting to do, potty train her because you know it's such a waste of money to keep buying diapers and just throwing it away afterwards. If she continues doing such a good job then I can proudly say I did it, we both did it.

Back in Texas I couldn't do the no diaper policy for I am worried she would just pee in the carpet. Her daddy will get mad for it makes the carpet stinky. Way to go baby girl!

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