Thursday, December 2, 2010

The perfect holiday centerpiece

Guest post written by Whitney Mallard

A couple of days before I hosted our big family Thanksgiving luncheon, I threw together this cute little Thanksgiving themed table centerpiece. I got so many compliments on it and really did love it so much that I thought that I'd make one for Christmas that looked really similar to it.
I got the idea from a blog that I found with my CLEARINTERNET to make the centerpiece in the first place with some twigs and pine cones that I picked up in my backyard. Then I spray painted those metallic gold.

I thought that I could use those elements of Thanksgiving centerpiece and incorporate them into the one I made for Christmas. So I took those parts out of the Thanksgiving one and with the help of a discount store and some things that I already had laying around, I created this really pretty Christmas centerpiece! I took a holiday serving try and put all of the stuff on it, including some candles in hurricane glasses and tree trimmings that I took when I went out and bought our tree from the lot.

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