Monday, December 6, 2010

Green Thumb Me

I love planting flowers and other ornamental plants. In Texas, I got two big and round planters in our front yard surrounding our two pecan trees. Aside from that, I also got potted roses and other flowering plants in our front porch that make our front yard beautiful to look at from the street. Not to be sound conceited, I received a few nice compliments from other people telling me they love what I did to our yard. So flattering eh!

This is what I promised to myself that once we moved to our own house and have a bigger yard to plant on trees and flowers, I would definitely please myself by growing colorful flowers in our yard. Since we already got two big planters in our front yard, I would love to have at least window boxes planters for our windows to make them look more attractive to people passing by our house.
After that, I want to put up three garden window boxes in the back porch as well. We love staying in our backyard as well so a few plants there would be a good idea. Good thing though window flower boxes and other gardening or planting accessories are available everywhere locally or on online stores.

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