Monday, February 1, 2010

just got married

After seeing Jen's wedding photos taken from the Philippines, I feel like I want to get married with my husband again. Their photos just look absolutely stunning especially the ones taken from their pre-nuptial as well as the wedding ceremony itself. She also posted some of their reception photos, wedding accessories, wedding invitations and the cake was just gorgeous. I can say she really put so much time in the preparation of her wedding for it was really beautiful. I can imagine all the stress she had gone through.

I remember when it was my time about to get married. It was full of excitement at the same time caused sleepless nights. I was so stressed that I couldn't sleep anymore until the last night before the wedding. If I am to get married again, I would love to have someone to do all the preparations in behalf of me.

Well, enough talking about that. I just want to let my readers know to those who are looking for beautiful wedding invitations, you might want to check out different styles on the internet, I am sure there are tons of designs to choose from to compliment with your taste and wedding motif.


teJan said...

i know the feeling:) i thought you are the one who just got married!! aheheh! have a nice day!

jenn_US said...

korek! stressed to the highest level akong beauty anne! hahaha. worth it man hinoon even until now there are nights na i cud still remember that day, it was really a very special day for me kay feeling nako glamorosa kau ko,hahahah. i also had a wedding planner but akong personality is hands on kaau ko i want to choose everything and decide for everything so for me wedding planner gamit lang na nako on the wedding day itself kay sila bahala tanan pero plannning stage i want to do it myself mao stressed gihapon ako beauty, :)


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