Monday, February 15, 2010

Helping Your Kids To Be Responsible

As Jadyn keeps following me like a hen when I do my chores, might as well ask her to help me with some simple things she can do. That way I can teach her how to be responsible in cleaning up after her mess when she is done playing for the day.

These helpful tips sent to me by the online magazine I subscribe to are the best way to train your kids to be better.

1. Pick Up Toys & Books
It's good to get in the habit of cleaning up after playtime.

2. Pick Up Dirty Clothes
Clothing is lightweight and easy to pick up off the floor, and it takes little effort to put it in its rightful place--whether that's in a hamper or down a laundry chute.

3. Help with the Family Pet
Caring for a pet teaches children kindness and respect for living creatures.

wiping up mess
Wipe Up Messes Life is messy. Teach your children it's easy to clean up after themselves using a damp rag to wipe of floors.

5. Dusting with Socks
Let your child slip her hands into your stash of old, mismatched socks.

6. Carrying & Putting Away Groceries Once you have your toddler safely out of his car seat, you can let him help you bring in the groceries and put them away.

7. Help Set the Table Assign everyone a job and dinner will come together with ease. Little ones can carry napkins to the table and place one at each setting.

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