Monday, February 15, 2010

truck bed cover

I never thought that we could get some snow this year because there were days when the temperature was really nice. Two weeks sometime in January was very awesome for we got to go outside not feeling a chill. And then February came, the cooler temperature began to start again. I was asking, what the heck? February 11, 2010 we had the thickest snow ever recorded in history since 1964 for some places in Fort Worth have reached to 14 inches deep.

Texans were very happy especially me and the baby for we had a nice snow play outside. For others, they weren't too glad about it for they had to go to work and their trucks or cars were covered with snow.

They had to clean up their car a bit so they could see the road just before going to work. For pick up trucks, it would be better if they put a truck bed cover in their truck so there will be minimal work to do upon going to work. If you own a truck, then you must not think twice buying a bed cover to use for we will never know when the snow storm comes again.

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