Friday, February 26, 2010

Doesn't Hurt

I love watching Super Nanny on t.v. It is one of my most favorite shows I should say. It pertains to disciplining American spoiled brats children, children that are totally out of control. Through this show I learn some very important things on how to take disciplinary action once a child won't listen or don't show any respect to the parents.

One of the disciplines that Nanny Jo would always impart to her clients are taking the kids to time out after several warnings given to them. I so agree with time out as it doesn't hurt the kid if you use it as your tool to let them know that they made mistakes.

I can't believe I did it to my girl. Although my Jadyn isn't a bad girl but sometimes you do what you have to do in order for a child to learn. I put her in time out yesterday because she didn't listen to me and kept insisting that she would go out and play even if she committed the same mistakes twice.

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