Monday, February 15, 2010

Scrubs and Beyond

I always thought people working in medical field are so cool. So cool that they make most money than other jobs out there. I always wanted to be one of them as a caregiver. In fact, I had my six months training back home and it was awesome. I got to experience how it is feeling to take care of old or elderly people or taking care of young children who were abandoned by their parents or family. Of course, when going to our duty we were required to wear our scrubs. Awesome for we felt like we were true licensed caregivers already.

By the way, talking about scrubs, Scrubs and Beyond have everything you need from sports scrubs, surgical scrubs and most of all veterinary scrubs are available on that exclusive site.

Scrubs are commonly used in every healthcare institutions here in America. Some have all these very colorful or attractive scrubs that I cannot take my eyes off them when I am near them. While in some countries like the Philippines, nurses and other health staff over there still wearing the old fashion uniform, the white uniform, white shoes and white head cap. I can't seem to comprehend why they don't adapt the latest trends of nurse's medical scrubs as they look attractive in it.

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