Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what you can do online

There are a lot of things that you can do online when you feel bored at home. For full time mommies like me, I can rarely go out of the house since it is cold outside and I don't work either. I am left with my child everyday of my life inside the house and imagine how boring life can be at times. Yes, I do get online so often that sometimes I get tired at it. So what I do is just stare at the computer screen, not doing anything and keeping the computer running. Or worse, I turn it off and grab my baby's computer and play with her games installed in there. How I wish though that I know how to play online backgammon so I can have a new and fresh game to play day by day. No one around seems to know how to play this kind of online entertainment. However, I am willing to learn it myself and compete with other newbies online. Through constant practice I may be able to play with experienced gamers at the website.

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