Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Doll That He Promised

When I was growing up I didn't have so much things that I needed for school or for playing. Never do I have nice toys to play. All I had were junks, empty tin cans were made into pots, beer crown became my ladle and empty coconut shell was my plate. I had to use these junks to complete my game together with other young children in our area as we used to pretend we were cooking in the kitchen a lot. And if we get tired of that, we move on to another game by making use of scratch papers as doll dresses. We had our paper dolls drawn by someone who can draw well and we made the dresses so then we have a nice paper doll to play.

Reminiscing back my childhood where I got to play with other kids makes me want to go home. Yes, we were poor but we were happy. Laughter was heard in four corner of the house. One day, my godfather saw me playing my paper doll, he came to me and said, if you do good and work hard on your studies I promise I will give you a nice doll. I was only 7 years old back then and relied to his promise that soon I can have a nice doll. Didn't matter what it is as long as it is a doll. But that promise never came true until years and years passed by, the promise he made was forgotten...until now that I am married and have everything I need. I still cannot forget that once there was a man who promised me with a doll.

What I want to do now is move on and trying to forget what my godfather had told me decades ago. Since I couldn't have that doll anymore might as well give one to my baby girl. A doll that is very pretty and a doll house to play. I would like to buy her a miniature doll house complete with a miniature dollhouse flooring to make the best of everything. Her doll house will be a combination a pink and white in color and it would be full of miniature furniture, a kitchen complete with appliances, a dog house beside it and a girly room where she can express herself.

If my dream of having a nice doll was not achieved then I want my baby to have what I wanted when I was a kid. After all, she is my only baby and for that I am willing to give anything and everything she wants.

How about you people? What was the greatest thing you ever wanted when you were little? Did someone make a promise to you and did he/she ever comply that promise?

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