Friday, February 26, 2010

Clearer Vision

Our eyes are the windows of our soul. We should take good care of them while we still have the perfect vision of 20/20. Because once they are damaged, it is irreversible unless you are willing to pay tons of money to have an iLasik. Just like my husband, he wishes he could have his perfect vision he used to have while he was younger. Now he has trouble reading small letters closely. One time I handed him our printed bill from electric company and let him read it 8 inches away from his eyes without eyeglasses and he complained.

It wasn't my fault though. I was unaware that he couldn't read closely if he doesn't wear his glasses. Yes, he has three pairs of eyeglasses. One for reading, one clear pair of glasses for driving during night time and one dark pair for the sun at day time. The clear glasses are his second pair already for he broke the first one we bought at an expensive optical store 4 years ago. He thought, he didn't need expensive ones if they won't last long. He learned his lesson after that. He would rather buy affordable pair of glasses that would work the same as expensive ones. It isn't practical if you keep buying high prices glasses while in fact you can get the same quality at lower prices.

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