Friday, February 19, 2010

Married Women And Chatting

For the whole week I was left hanging in the dark as to what had happened to my mother why she just quit talking to me online. I had no idea what did I do wrong why if she sees me online she would just ignore me or simply say "NAA DIAY SI ANALY!" geeeeezz.. I know when she says my full name I know there is something with her, she feels angry or upset towards Analy.

Tonight was quite a night for me and my mother. We talked a while in a nice manner. She wasn't mad, she didn't have her sumpong/sapot or whatsoever. We talked couple of things and one of which is the gossip that is now very common in the neighborhood about married women chatting with foreigners as their means of income. In fact, they got an internet connection in their home so they can have all the chatting they want and not worrying about paying the cost of internet at an hourly rate.

Two of our neighbors that I deeply know are doing this thing and to me NGILO kaayo paminawn. How could they do such thing knowing that they have their husbands around? For sure money is the cause it all. Kapit sa patalim in tagalog as they say. The other woman is just 2 houses far from our house whose sister is married to an African American. I can't get her intention as to why she is chatting with foreigners as her husband is an engineer in one of the manufacturing firms in Lapu-Lapu City and they are known to have a better pay.

Geeezzz.. I am being chismosa here but I can't help it. I mean I question myself where is the decency of these women nowadays? They don't have respect for their husbands, children and most especially their marriage. To me they betray their husbands in that act. It's cheating!!!



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