Monday, February 15, 2010

Medical Alert

My father in-law is not happy with where he is right now. For a long time he is itching to get out of the Freedom House in San Antonio just because he is there together with mentally ill people while on the other hand he is not one of them. He has Parkinson's Disease but not Alzheimer's. I feel sorry for him. If there is something I could do to get him out of the institution he doesn't like.

He used to live independently alone in a cottage of Air Force Village 1 until one time he overdosed himself and called 911. The medical staff there didn't trust him to be alone since then. But over the period of time being watched closely by the staff, his memory is improving and is not ill as what they think he is.

During his stay in the cottage we could not remember he had fallen one time. Or if he did, what is the use of Medical Alert alert installed if he didn't get an immediate help? For emergency purposes like falling which is very typical for elderly people to happen, it is advisable to install a FALL ALERT detector that alerts emergency personnel that they have fallen and cant even push a button.

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