Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Convenience Life Has To Offer

I noticed I have been so lazy lately as if I don't want to do anything except prepare food for me, shower the baby and myself and be on the computer all day. It is cold too that adds the factor of me being so lazy these days. Aside from that, blame it on the conveniences that America has to offer. Water in the faucet, nice and cozy bed, car for transportation, hot shower and a walk-in bath used at home.

People in America have no idea what hard life is unless they will go to third world countries and witness themselves the way of living in their, scarcity of food, lack of clean water and very limited source of money are the main problem of those countries. Lucky are the people in the states for they can get everything they need or if they don't the government is always there willing to support them.

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