Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our 5th Camera

I just bought us a new digital camera for below 100 dollars. This time it is a lot cheaper than previous cameras we had for I kept damaging them. No matter what the price is, expensive or not anything that come in touch with my hands will be destroyed. What a curse of fate eh.

I bought a Nikon digital camera this time for a change and this is gonna be our 5th digital camera. We have had 3 Kodak cameras and one Sony but all of them just slipped through my hands, kay danghag man. I hope this cheaper one will last long or I'll be forever disappointed with myself for being so clumsy and not taking good care of our things.

Ebay is the best place when it comes to finding digital cameras for there are so many stores to choose from with a lot cheaper price. The one I bought is a ten mega pixel with 3x optical zoom, it is not as powerful as the previous cams we had but good enough to take better pictures.

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