Monday, February 15, 2010

Continuation On Teaching Your Kids To Be Responsible

In my previous post of the title above, I posted there the first seven possible light chores your kids can do to help you at the same time teach them how to be responsible, if you missed that post you can just read the Part One here. Then read on below for the continuation.

8. Make the Bed
It can take many years before a child can tackle this chore solo, but little ones will enjoy helping Mom or Dad by straightening his side of the bed. Working together, teach the child to start with the sheet and pull it up high by the pillows.

9. Chore Charts
Every child learns differently. Some like the idea of earning stickers or love the thrill of putting a magnet over listings of accomplished tasks.

10. Make It Fun: Turn on the Tunes
Put on some music and even the dreariest chores are better. Teach your child to waltz her dolls to the toy box. Stalled-out toy trucks can bounce back to the toy box to the beat.

11. Make It Fun: Clean Together
If your toddler has a penchant for cleaning, encourage more of the behavior you like with toys designed for dramatic play.

12. Make It Fun: Set a Timer
Little people have short attention spans. Instead of working until a task is complete, set the kitchen timer on the table and get as much done in two-minute spurts as you can.

13. Make It Fun: Offer Rewards
For each small task your child completes, you can offer a sticker or a token.

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