Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beauty Of Snow

It is snowing calmly right now in our place. For some reason I can't stop admiring the beauty of snow. They just look so pretty falling down from the sky and when they are on the ground they look even more prettier. As of this moment there are only some dusting on the ground hopefully as we get to the afternoon it's gonna get thicker so we can go out and play. The snow is still very thin on the ground so all I could do for now is peek out the window and enjoy the beautiful flurries falling down.

My husband says he is tired of snow. Well, I understand him as his job consist mostly of a lot of driving. Sometimes driving in the snow can be dangerous too and I feel for those people who need to go to work. I think the only people that don't complain about the world snowing are those that stay home all day, just like me and the baby.

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